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Hand stitched leather goods made to order.


Hand Stitched leather bags. 


I've always been fascinated with traditional craftsmanship, where individuals spend a lifetime honing their skills and techniques and take pride in their work. My personal goal is to learn as much as possible and refine my craft in traditional hand stitched English and French style luxury leather goods.

Unfortunately the majority of goods produced today are more about minimizing costs and increasing production, often leading short lifespans and disposable products. Bone and Blade was created to bridge the gap between the two ends of the spectrum, to produce high quality leather goods at an attainable price. Sure I could use a sewing machine, or less expensive leather, or chose not to finish the edges, or countless other things that would save time or money, but that isn't what this is about. I choose leathers for their quality, from tanneries that have proven environmental standards. I stitch each piece by hand, one stitch at a time because it is the strongest possible stitch and can not come undone. Edges are finished, not just because they look nice, but to ensure they are sealed and the leather protected.

Sure, my stuff costs a little more initially but you won't have to replace it anytime soon, it gets better with age, and you can be assured that each piece is crafted wih the love it deserves.



  • Natural Leather

    Natural, Hard-Wearing, Luxuroius

    Only top quality leathers from reputable tanneries with proven environmental standards are chosen. Most using natural tannis derrived from trees and bark instrad of cheeper, faster, more chemical intensive methods.

  • Durable

    Have you ever bought something you really liked only to have the stitching fail or later find out that the lining is cheap frbric that frays?

    I only use full grain leather, (the strongest, most durable), and stitch it together by hand using the traditional sadle stitch. If you are interested in what a saddle stitch is please see the about section.

  • Sustainable

    A natural product, leather can last decades if treated with a little respect. When combined with top quality threads, waterbased adhesives and time proven saddle stitching, you an be sure anything you buy from me won't end up in a landfill anytime soon. Should a product come to an unfortunate end, no worries, it is biodegradable.

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