Welcome to Bone and Blade, my name is Richard Stewart and I'm the founder and maker. We were born in the Pemberton Valley, British Columbia, from a desire for quality goods, inspired by nature and Heritage. 

It all started with a birthday and a belt, my wife's birthday and the belt I couldn't find. I wanted something different,something simple, a little funky, and most importantly well made from quality leather and hardware. Who knew that would be so difficult. Armed with a little leather-craft knowledge and a few basic tools I built what would be the first Muse belt. But a belt didn't seem like enough so the first Smithy apron was also born, (she is a farmer and there are just some times when a durable leather apron just makes sense). These items got noticed and people started asking thus Bone and Blade was born. I've learned a lot since then and I'd love to share my passion for well made, well designed goods with you. I stand behind everything I make, should you have any issues please contact me so we can get them sorted.


The Name

Why Bone and Blade? Well, there are several reasons, first of all I've spent the majority of my adult life as a professional cook/chef, honing my skills in some of Vancouver's best kitchens where bones and blades are just part of daily life. Second, before I got serious and started buying actual tools made for leather work I had a few stitching irons, a bone folder, some needles and thread and a Japanese fish knife I used for cutting and thinning leather. There was a bone and a blade. Last of all, I was doing some butchery in a version of the Smithy apron I made for myself and once again I found myself surrounded by bones and blades. So, It just kind made sense.